Peeled, sliced pears roasted in brown sugar and butter, and then layered on a simple shortcake base with toffee sauce and whipped cream. This time, I didn't sweeten the whipped cream at all. Truth is, I think I forgot to in between trying to assemble the cakes, but it didn't take away from the dessert. In fact, it was a nice bit of richness without all the sweet to add to the toffee sauce.

On another note, I took a class where I used to work with an Italian chef who showed us how to make three desserts. I have the recipes for them somewhere, I think.


Chocolate and Olive Oil Mousse with Rosemary Creme Anglaise

Lemon Mousse with Thyme Syrup - actually, I took this picture spontaneously, one-handed, and I'm surprised that it's the best one out of this set.

Soft Orange Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Glaze - this one involves pureeing whole, boiled oranges, so the cake is slightly bitter itself.

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